What is the MIP Information Model?

The Multilateral Interoperability Programme, a military standardization body comprising 24 member nations and NATO, is pleased to present the MIP Information Model (MIM)! The MIM provides a common semantic reference for the C2 domain. It embodies all operational concepts of its predecessor, the widely adopted JC3IEDM, and is designed with regard to readability, modularity, extensibility, semantic strictness, and model consistency.

The MIP Information Model represents a valuable contribution to the service design for future mission networks. Using the MIM, we can ensure that information exchanged across multiple services will be consistent and composeable. As a unique semantic reference for the C2 domain, the MIP Information Model also supports the data modelling and harmonization efforts within NATO.

The MIM employs state-of-the-art modelling techniques and tools based on open standards and industry best practices. It is not tied to a specific exchange technology. Free software tools facilitate the adoption and adaptation of the MIM.


MIP has submitted a proposal for a new cover STANAG 5643 to the NATO C3 Board. It recommends using the MIP Information Model for the definition of information exchange specifications to aid full interoperability of NATO Forces.

MIM Information Sheet

The MIM Information Sheet explains to a non-technical audience what the MIP Information Model (MIM) is and how it helps achieve Command and Control interoperability. You can download it here.

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