Privacy Policy

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. When we process the personal data that is collected during your visits to our website, we always observe the rules laid down in the applicable data protection laws.

In the following sections, we explain what types of data we record when you visit our website, and precisely how they are used.


This site ( is hosted by

zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
Hansastraße 27 c
D-80686 München

Responsible editor:
Dr. Michael Gerz
Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE
Fraunhoferstraße 20
D-53343 Wachtberg
Email: michael.gerz <at>

The data protection officer of Fraunhofer can be contacted via for all questions related to data protection and your rights.

What information is gathered?

Web Server Access

Our web server creates a logfile with the following non-personally-identifying information that your browser sends on each request:

  • Browser type
  • Language preference
  • URL
  • HTTP operation
  • Date and time of request

Our web server also logs potentially personally-identifying information like

  • Internet Protocol (IP) addresses
  • User name (once you are logged in)

User Registration

When registering, you're asked to provide the following data (later referred to as profile information):

  • Login name and password
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Preferred language for web content
  • Organisation and organisation type (academia, government, etc.)
  • Nationality
  • Participation in the Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP)
  • MIP sponsor name and email
  • Interest in the MIM

Note: All the information provided by you has to be honest and correct. Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to the termination of your account. Moreover, your primary email address must be provided by your current organisation and not by a free email service provider such as Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Requests with an inproper email address will be rejected without any explanation.

This site is based on Redmine. Therefore, we also track
  • The date and time at which an account was created,
  • The date and time of the last connection to the MIM portal for a given account.

Website Content

To provide feedback or contribute to the MIP community, you may wish to add or modify information on the MIM portal (later referred to as website content). This includes:
  • raising a new ticket,
  • adding a comment to an existing ticket,
  • uploading files (e.g., as attachments),
  • committing a change to a Subversion repository.

Secure Transmission and Storage of Personal Information

We use the https protocol to secure the transmission of your personal information from your web browser to our web server.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft implements technical and organizational security measures to safeguard stored personal data against inadvertent or deliberate manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress.

How do we use this information?

  • We use the information in the logfiles for system security, to protect the integrity of the site in case of attacks, and to analyse the network traffic in case of inproper functioning of the MIM portal. The IP address is only evaluated in the event of fraudulent access to the network infrastructure.
  • The MIM portal administrators (see below) may use your email address to contact you regarding (mis-)behaviour on our website.
  • The MIM portal administrators may pass profile information to the national representatives in the Multilateral Interoperability Programme and/or the MIP Programme Management Group
    • to validate the legitimacy of any registration in suspicious cases,
    • to validate requests to access the MIP member-only part of the MIM portal.
  • We produce statistics on the usage of the MIM portal (number of users per nation, number of users per organization type, number of guests vs. number of MIP members, number of users with access to the member´s area) and share these statistics with the MIP community.
  • We do not disclose any profile or logfile information to other third parties unless imposed by the law.
  • We use the website content to support the development of the MIP Information Model and its associated tools and services. The content is available to all users with access to the respective (Redmine) projects.

Who can access your profile information?

Except for the "Welcome" area, all other areas of the MIM portal ("projects" in terms of Redmine) require users to login. Your name will be visible to other registered users if you contribute content to the website.

Please note that the MIM portal serves as a collaboration environment that allows users of the MIM to provide feedback and discuss issues with the MIP community. If you wish to stay anonymous, please do not contribute content to the MIM portal!

MIM portal administrators can see profiles. As of 27-June-2018, the following persons are administrators of the MIM portal:

  • Michael Gerz, Fraunhofer FKIE, michael.gerz (at)
  • Nico Bau, Fraunhofer FKIE, nico.bau (at)

How long do we keep information?

We store server logs for a time period of 30 days.

Profile information are stored until the user unregisters. If a user is unreachable, because her or his email address has become invalid, we reserve the right to delete the user account and the corresponding profile information.

If you upload website content, this content will be kept until you remove it or you ask the administrators to do so. Modifications made to the Subversion repositories will be kept unlimited in time.

The portal associates your contributed content with your user account and name. For instance, it keeps track of the reporter of a ticket or the commenter of a specific ticket note. This information is kept until you remove your user account. In the latter case, the user account/name is replaced by "anonymous" throughout the portal.

Notifications & News

The MIP community uses the MIM portal to inform registered users on ongoing activities and important updates to the MIM, its associated tools and services. News are provided online and distributed via email on an irregular basis. We aim at keeping the number of emails low (about one email per month on average).

You may also receive notifications for things (e.g., tickets) that you are involved in, that you watch, that you are assigned to, or that you are the owner of.

The extend of notifications and news that you receive depends on

If you do not wish to get notifications or news, please change your account settings or, ultimately, unregister.


You can use the MIM portal without a cookie but if you login, we have to set a session cookie to make it possible for you to navigate the website.

Social Networks & Advertisements does not support social networks. You won't find "+1" or "like" buttons here.

This website also does not include web content from any advertising partner.

Right to Information and Contact Data

You have a legal right to
  • inspect and verify the accuracy of any stored data concerning your person,
  • demand their correction,
  • withdraw your consent for their further use,
  • demand the deletion of personal data,
  • receive your data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and transfer it to another host,
  • bring a claim before your data protection authority.

As registered user, we offer you the possibility of inspecting and changing some of the profile information online via your user account, and even deleting the user account.

If you wish to obtain information on your personal data, or want us to correct or erase such data, or if you have any other questions concerning the use of personal data held by us, please contact:

  • michael.gerz (at)

Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice. It was last updated on 27-June-2018.

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