Website Overview

This website is divided into several projects. A task-oriented overview of the projects is given below. For each task, further information is given on subsequent wiki pages. Quick links are specified in brackets; they point to resources other than wiki pages.

Published Products

Project 'Welcome'

Project 'MIP Information Model'

  • Download official releases (Files)
  • Browse the model online (Explorer)
  • Provide user feedback (New Issue)
  • Adopt the MIM as a Community of Interest

Project 'Tool Suite'

  • Learn about the tools
  • Download installer (Files)
  • Provide user feedback (New issue)

Developers' Area

Project 'Model Repository'

Project 'Model Change Proposals'

Project 'Ontology'

Project 'Tool Development'

  • Download source code
  • Maintain tool suite
  • Report problem (New issue)

News & Activities

Logged in users can find the latest news here. Recent activities on the MIM website are listed here.

Quick Tip

You can reach all projects, this website overview, all news, and the list of recent activities from any web page via the top menu.


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